Modernizing Microtransactions: From 1920’s Penny Arcades to Fortnite

This Turtle is Apple, Epic, or Bethesda; the choice is yours!

If you need some background on the gigantic legal battle that has stirred up talk surrounding this topic of microtransactions, start by reading the wonderfully written article by Ash Parrish on Kotaku.

Microtransactions are the small payments you make on your phone for small/virtual goods. These goods are real and exist, but they are virtual, which means they are part of a virtual-created world or game space. Most games that run this finance model are free to play/pay to win, giving the person spending money more advantages against the computer enemies or even other human players. The more money you pay, and the more benefits or uniqueness you add to your experience. People will pay for a lot of things, even virtual clothes for their characters to play in.

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