at Vagrant Mind, we believe slogan usefulness is limited at best

All of life is a journey, and I would like to share my travels with you. I have amassed a wealth of experiences, stories, and knowledge that I know can help people and inspire others, so please take a look around my site.

A man sitting at a desk writing about nonsense
Chris deep into the 15th revision of his first novel.

Meet the Author, Founder, Father, Chef, Lover, Part-time Train Operator behind Vagrant Mind

Most people find it difficult to speak their mind about anything and everything. I do not have the problem.

I have met many people, and I have worked helping people transition through many life changes. From starting college and working with freshmen for over 10 years, to working with middle school students realizing their individuality, I have heard many stories and seen many people who need someone to listen.

I have seen a lot within my life and I have met many interesting people. I have seen perseverance in those that have not reason to hope, and I have seen loss when the person held all the cards. At Duke University I saw massive amounts of wealth and privilege hide fear and anxiety, and teaching public school I saw smiles from students who came to school cold because they had no warm clothes in the dead of winter (we had extra for them). Here I share my experience and my interests to help others, and listen to those who have their own stories to share.

Window friends eat the most flies

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