Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Fall/Halloween Edition – Part 2 “Frights”

Haunted Forest from my trip to Maui

Sometimes using feelings and emotions can work to pump up your creative writing energy! For example, many people like telling ghost stories or thinking about scary things in the month of October in the United States as the holiday “Halloween” approaches. Here’s an example of writing in response to emotion, using ideas and imagery that I relate to fear:

Of my daughter:

As I walk slowly down the leaf drenched path,
     with each crunch I feel her bones,
          with each chill I feel her soul,
               with each sniff I smell her breath,
                    with each step I feel her pulse,
                         with each blink I see her life,
and with each journey I know she'll never come back.

Using emotion is a key to channeling your creativity, so you should always put emotion into your work. Sometimes scary stuff is best, and other times thoughts of love or humor can work. Have fun!

Here’s a worksheet if you want to use them with a class or student:

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