Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Fall/Halloween Edition – Part 1 “Changing”

Hello all! Back from my fauxcation (vacations are on hold until COVID-19 is over), and I am back with another creative writing activity!

Leaves across the street

So, it’s the fall, and there are many things that change. The days get shorter, the clothes go from shorts to jeans, and short sleeves give way to hoodies and jackets. While change can be positive, fall changes are often associated with negative things as well, as colder times, dying of leaves, and the birds leaving until next spring. When you think about fall, one way you can get your creative juices going is thinking about one of the changes that is important to you, and writing about it. Here’s an example:

As I walk home from school, I notice that my legs are getting a little 
stiff.  My knees have always acted up in the cold, and they have been 
really shaky lately.  Though it is only October, it has already hit a 
brisk chill as I walk down the sidewalk, with a freeze possible coming 
tonight.  I pray my dad turns the heat on instead of trying to save 
money.  I swear that man was a polar bear in his last life.

Here’s a worksheet built around “Changing”:

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