Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Choose a Color

Pick a Color, Any Color

Okay, so today’s activity uses colors as a point of warm-up inspiration. The task is simple, choose a color and write about either how it makes you feel or what it makes you think about. It’s that simple! Think about all the things that the color puts into your mind. You could make a list of items of that color, you could focus on one thing you like or hate about the color, or you could use the color as a starting point to go somewhere else. Before you begin, I’ll do one for you:

“Inspired by “Stil de grain yellow” :

As fall marches in onto my summer like an army of overwhelming leaf spreaders, I feel the warmth of the sunlight blessing me for what feels like a last fleeting moment. The fields are fading from green to yellow, and the trees are beginning their yearly migration into self reflection. I gaze within myself to harden my soul, not to the cold as the plants and birds prepare, but to the loss of light that I see on the horizon.”

Okay, that was my practice paragraph written in response to just one color I randomly picked out. Below I am linking a color list for you to use, so have fun! Choose a color you have never heard of, or one that is near and dear to you. Just use it to start writing!

A list of Colors on Wikipedia

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