The Notorious RBG is dead: Time for Reflection and Progression

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is photographed for New York Times Magazine in 1997 in New York City. (Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders/Contour RA by Getty Images)

I do not know where to begin. She was a titan. Her accomplishments are great. Though she had her failings, she will be missed.

Before getting into the concerns surrounding RBG and the aftermath of her passing, it is fitting to start with some of her accomplishments. I will not repeat them all here, as many people are already digesting what is available on the internet about her.

She experienced the glass ceiling in a male dominated field and smashed that ceiling. She led the way for women who wanted to stand against male lawyers and professors with fights for equal pay and respect. She argued 6 cases before the SCOTUS and won 5, which is a fantastic achievement. She pushed for feminism without apology working to the highest court in one of the most powerful countries in the world. If I ever accomplish half as much, I will be a different person, as I couldn’t imagine having the impact she did in what she believed in.

That stated, she was problematic. The main decision I question is her decision to be in office until yesterday. She could have retired under President Obama, but she thought his pick would not be liberal enough. Later, she decided she wanted to retire under President Hilary Clinton, and that did not work out so well. It has recently come out that she wished President Trump’s successor would pick her replacement, though Trump and McConnell have stated that they will try to push someone through immediately.

What happens next? While RBG was Jewish, most of the people that will vote on her replacement are not. The only Jewish people in the Senate are not Republicans. Here is a neat tidbit: look at all the claimed religions of the Senate. All the Republican Senators claim allegiance to Christianity in some form. Now, most Senators who were serving under the death of Antonin Scalia vowed to stand behind Mitch McConnell when he stated that the country must wait for the Election to decide. Some Republican Senators cited the supposed Biden Rule, where the current nominee for the Democratic Ticket said appointments should be delayed after a Presidential political season. Most Christians believe it is a sin to lie or tell falsehoods, which is why most of the Republican Senators like Mitch will be committing the sin of presumption at best when asking for forgiveness for lying or impenitence when they do not care if they lie. But what do I know?

Great book btw

(Am I a Christian Scholar who has studied this topic in depth? If you don’t know, then… maybe. In truth, no, but the logic still holds in my mind. Disagree in the comments if you like. Sidenote: people of faith sometimes can argue about everything. I remember when I was reading about witch hunts (for a class) during my time at Duke two freshmen insisted I go to church with them when they saw the book cover of what I was reading. They presumed I was a Satanist when I was taking a class on Christianity.)

Mitch does not care if he said something else or did something else. He will never apologize or ask for forgiveness for his actions, just like Trump will never apologize, even if it’s an apology for something he rightfully did. These things threaten to doom their souls in my opinion, regardless of their personal motives, and if the Republican Senate believes in mercy and justice, if they truly believed that people should follow the “Biden Rule”, that’s absolutely fine! Just vote your conscience on a nominee this spring after the election.

I just do not have trust for Trumps or Mitch’s conscience; they killed Jiminy long ago.

That stated, I will miss the good done by RBG. Let’s take some time out this weekend to read about her, study her, in some cases forgive her, and appreciate the time before we had to deal with the aftermath. In the balance hangs Roe V. Wade and Brown V. Board. Let’s see where American ends up this fall.

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