A Start

Beginnings can be tricky, no matter what you plan to do. 

Whether you are making a new recipe and trying to get the ingredients to mix together properly, or you are starting a blog and figuring out where within your story you want to begin.  You can be mechanical and begin with a list of statements like:  I like ice, but I do not like ice in piles.  I do not like piles, but I like piles if they have gummy bear foundations.

Blank page: A Poem

I do not know how I would like to begin, and I guess that’s a start.

I will defer beginning my actual writing to next post, so I’ll begin no where at all.  I suppose like most writers, I feel the need to edit before other people see my work.   In my space I will try to share pictures frequently, and do my best to explain anything that is unclear or necessary to understand the images.  I will share myself, and things that I find amusing or interesting.  If the need arises, I will share others thoughts, or my thoughts on other thoughts, or what you think of my thoughts on other peoples thoughts.  I think.  Not sure though.

I appreciate everyone who reads my posts, and I will be glad to offer further insight to anyone who asks.  Or doesn’t ask, I tend to ramble…

Most dogs pee on bushes, some dogs become bushes and attack other bushes.

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