Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Fall/Halloween Edition – Part 3 “Trick or Treat”

Wishing I had pumpkins the size of squirrels

Halloween is not a one sided holiday. This holiday is about both the naughty and the nice, not one or the other like American Christmas where the nice get presents and the naughty get nothing. Halloween is about good and evil together. In this writing activity, it is fun to imagine something good doing something bad, or something bad doing something good. The Villain helps a child or the Hero tells a lie.

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Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Fall/Halloween Edition – Part 2 “Frights”

Haunted Forest from my trip to Maui

Sometimes using feelings and emotions can work to pump up your creative writing energy! For example, many people like telling ghost stories or thinking about scary things in the month of October in the United States as the holiday “Halloween” approaches. Here’s an example of writing in response to emotion, using ideas and imagery that I relate to fear:

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Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Fall/Halloween Edition – Part 1 “Changing”

Hello all! Back from my fauxcation (vacations are on hold until COVID-19 is over), and I am back with another creative writing activity!

Leaves across the street
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Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Choose a Color

Pick a Color, Any Color

Okay, so today’s activity uses colors as a point of warm-up inspiration. The task is simple, choose a color and write about either how it makes you feel or what it makes you think about. It’s that simple! Think about all the things that the color puts into your mind. You could make a list of items of that color, you could focus on one thing you like or hate about the color, or you could use the color as a starting point to go somewhere else. Before you begin, I’ll do one for you:

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Blank page: A Poem

My literal Black Page
I sit and set my pen in motion
     a needle pulls thread through cloth of verse
          unseen masses written and spoken in my mind
               but the page is wanting.

My mind steals all of my ideas
     and takes them in like blissful gluttons
          who consume everything but plates and porcelain
               and my page is vacant.

Some day I will fill my page
     and eat no bites of script or prose
          I will not preach or teach the words I have placed down
               and though inked, my page will contain nothing I value.

Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Haiku

Flowers I found hiking in Graveyard Fields

Many teachers have used the Haiku style in classrooms, and I would say they teach it incorrectly.

Teachers will tell the class the Haiku style is a poetic structure that uses three lines. The first and last line have 5 syllables and the middle like has 7 syllables. Then, they try to get the students to write a haiku with this 5-7-5 structure without explaining why the structure exists. Lastly, students produce really bad poetry, and many of the students leave the lesson thinking that a haiku poem is easy, stupid, or have no respect for the concept.

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Creative Writing Warm Up Activity: Embrace the Title

Many people have issues with figuring out a title for their work, and honestly, the title should be the last thing that you worry about. It’s the naming the band problem. If you sit around naming your band, your band isn’t playing music.

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The Notorious RBG is dead: Time for Reflection and Progression

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is photographed for New York Times Magazine in 1997 in New York City. (Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders/Contour RA by Getty Images)

I do not know where to begin. She was a titan. Her accomplishments are great. Though she had her failings, she will be missed.

Before getting into the concerns surrounding RBG and the aftermath of her passing, it is fitting to start with some of her accomplishments. I will not repeat them all here, as many people are already digesting what is available on the internet about her.

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Modernizing Microtransactions: From 1920’s Penny Arcades to Fortnite

This Turtle is Apple, Epic, or Bethesda; the choice is yours!

If you need some background on the gigantic legal battle that has stirred up talk surrounding this topic of microtransactions, start by reading the wonderfully written article by Ash Parrish on Kotaku.

Microtransactions are the small payments you make on your phone for small/virtual goods. These goods are real and exist, but they are virtual, which means they are part of a virtual-created world or game space. Most games that run this finance model are free to play/pay to win, giving the person spending money more advantages against the computer enemies or even other human players. The more money you pay, and the more benefits or uniqueness you add to your experience. People will pay for a lot of things, even virtual clothes for their characters to play in.

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